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      Sanmenxia Aoke Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

      Add:Chemical Industry Cluster Area of Shan Zhou District(Guanyintang), Sanmenxia, Henan Province, China.
      Contact:Mr Zhao ; Mr Chao



      Sodium Sulfite

      1.Molecular Formula : Na2SO3

      2.Molecular Weight: 126.04

      3.CAS No: 7757-83-7

      White crystal or powder; no foul. Soluble in water, very slightly soluble in ethanol, almost insoluble in ether. soluble in water (when 0°C 12.54g/l OOml water; When 80°C 283g/lOOml water), in 33.4°C The maximum solubility of about 28% when the aqueous solution is alkaline. Slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in liquid chlorine, ammonia. Easily oxidized in air sodium, when the temperature is decomposed into sodium sulfide. To strengthen the reducing agent, reacts with sulfur dioxide,sodium bisulfite, reacted with the acid salt.

      4. Usage:

      The role of anhydrous sodium sulfite is extensive. In the pharmaceutical industry, paper making, leather tanning and dyeing industries and plant fiber bleaching, food, etc it has a very important role.ln addition anhydrous sodium sulfite is also used in film developing, bleaching agents, printing and dyeing industry as a deoxygenation agent.

      5. Specification: 98%

      6.Storage: Stored in cool and dry place, avoid moisture and heat. No breakage, No mixed with oxidant and toxic matter.  It should be transported by clean car, with covering matter, avoid raining.

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